Skibbereen Farmersí Market - every Saturday - (9:30am - 1:30pm)
in Skibbereen, County Cork, Ireland

Welcome to the only official, up-to-date website for the Skibbereen Farmersí Market.
This great market takes place every Saturday - (9:30am - 1:30pm), in the town of Skibbereen, which is about an hoursí drive west from Cork city, in the county of Cork, Ireland.
Every week at our Market you can find a brilliant range of fresh local produce, including fruit & vegetables, herbs, plants, eggs & honey, preserves, bread, cakes, organic meat, cheese, fish and shellfish.
In addition, the Market is the source of a diverse selection of  quality local art & crafts, and provides a great hunting-ground for collectors of antiques, books and bric-a-brac.
Bookmark this website and check back soon for more information about the Market - or pop in and see us one Saturday - youíll be sure to find something interesting!
For more information about Skibbereen see the official Town website -
to see where the Market is held, take a look at the map on the Ďcontactí page.
If you are a Trader at the Market - please take a moment to fill out the Trader Form, and weíll put your details on the Directory (itís free!)
See you soon!
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Newsflash - Skibbereen Farmers' Market
(& other county-wide markets and fairs) are under threat!
We believe that Cork County Council's proposed new Casual Trading by-laws will have a massive impact on Skibbereen Market, and other markets / fairs within Cork County.

You can read the draft by-laws here (Cork County Council website)
Letter from the Committee of Skibbereen Farmers' Market - December 2016

Hi everyone.

Thanks so much to all of you for signing the petition to save Skibbereen Farmers Market. Itís been so inspiring to see over 2,500 people taking the time to support our campaign.

Now itís time for the next step. These bye laws will affect every market and fair in Co Cork.  Cork County Council are accepting submissions on the new Casual Trading Bye Laws, and itís time we told them exactly how these new laws will affect farmers markets across Cork.

Sending a submission to Cork County Council is quick and easy. Just click this link and follow the instructions:

Weíve only a few weeks to get our submissions in (before 31st December 2016), so please send one in as soon as you can. If lots of us get in touch with Cork County Council and tell them how these new bye-laws will affect us, it could make them reconsider some of the proposals.

Letís keep the fight going.

Thanks, and happy Christmas!

Skibbereen Farmers Market Committee
If, after reading the Draft By-laws you are as concerned as we are for the future of Skibbereen Market, (and other county fairs & markets) - PLEASE let the Council know your feelings by visiting this link - before 31st December 2016!
It will only take 5 minutes of your time.....